How to enter the Wansbeck Music Festival

Entrants can register by completing the entry form (PDF) and sending it by post, or by entering online.

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Instructions for entering online

It is easy to enter and pay online. These are the steps required:

  1. Register with your email address - this will become your userid.
  2. Receive a confirmation email (check your SPAM folder) and click the confirmation link
  3. Enter your details and accept the terms
  4. Log in with your new credentials
  5. Enter or update the name(s) of the people you wish to enter (for small ensembles add the individual names if desired, or you can add ensemble names without the details of the members)
  6. Click on the green enter button next to each entrant's name
  7. Choose a class - scroll through, or use the filters to choose an individual section, or search for a class number
  8. For the chosen class click on the blue Add to Basket button.
  9. You may be asked to confirm age
  10. Details on the piece and accompanist requirements may be required
  11. The entry can now be added to the basket. AT THIS STAGE ALL IS STILL AT DRAFT - you can now log off and return later if you wish.
  12. You can continue to add this entrant to more classes or choose to work with another entrant.
  13. To finally submit into the festival you can "checkout" and pay your fees via Paypal or online banking. The Paypal payment can be from a Paypal account or from a Debit/Credit Card.
  14. After Checkout, you will receive email confirmation.
  15. Finally, make sure you follow the instructions in the attachments you will receive, especially about sending us the music if the official accompanist is required and details of own choice pieces.